10 things to see in Verona. Obviously eat well

Want to spend a romantic weekend in the company of your partner or spouse? You also want you to live out the love of the Capulets and the Montagues?
Perfect here’s to you the ten things to do in Verona and done easily in a weekend.

We start from the basics: where we park? Easy but with some care. Virtually all the hotels or b & b Verona and surroundings will deliver a beautiful map of the city with several car parks in evidence, but do not specify which of course those closest to the center or near the Piazza di Porta Nuova are very expensive. Moving a little closer to the city and from the right, there is street parking in Paradise: Small, but easy to reach and you can stay all day with about 10 €.

We begin our tour and rested on the occasion to “climb” the little hill on which stands Castel San Pietro. Begin to enjoy the city walking along the shore of Sammicheli always looking upwards to admire the buildings along the river.
For lunch I recommend very strongly to see the post on Pancaffè: a pizza that will not easily forget.

Coming down the hill you will meet along the Roman Theatre and the characteristic Stone Bridge. Crossing, strolling in the narrow alleys of the old town fully immerse in the spirit of “intimate” of the city. Small restaurants and bistros springing from wooden porches and climb the many steps that characterize this portion of the city.
A quick visit to the Cathedral (admission fee with € 4.00) which gives you the opportunity to venture into the heart of the city by Via Duomo and Via Sant ‘Anastasia, Verona Walk the main street with shops for shopping and coffee the appetizer.
Walking quietly you will end shortly after the spectacular Piazza delle Erbe and chaotic beating heart of the ancient city, with its outdoor market where you can eat a salad to take out (cost € 2.50).
The square has always been the benchmark for the public life of Verona. It stands majestically the Lamberti Tower where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the city, assuming you have the strength to do the steps to reach the top. A true jewel overlooking the square houses of Mazzanti and frescoed walls and iron balconies covered with ornamental plants.

We continue our sightseeing in the direction of Piazza Bra and head towards the long-awaited House of Juliet and the adjoining museum. The entrance to the palace of the Capulets, as well as all the walls of the courtyard are covered with thousands of phrases and drawings of lovers who have been here for years, entrusting her message of love to the couple told the work of William Shakespeare.

We ended up taking our pictures of ritual embraced the statue of Juliet at 18:00 and so Amphitheatre has been invaded by the beautiful notes of the musical Notre Dame de Paris from the Arena, where he would soon be started the show. The square is the real living room of the city where tourists and locals mingle sitting at the tables of the many bars that pop up on the ground floor of the buildings surrounding the arena.
Last stop a few steps away is Piazza Bra with its gardens and buildings of the ’500 and with the same name holder has always been the main entrance to the historic center of Verona.For dinner we ate at the restaurant Gosh … yum yum!
Now it’s up to you to find your Verona.

In summary:
1. Castel San Pietro
2. Roman Theatre
3. Stone Bridge
4. Cathedral
5. Piazza delle Erbe
6. Torre dei Lamberti
7. Houses of Mazzanti
8. House of Juliet
9. Arena
10. Piazza Bra